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Seed Grant Awardee: Alaina Zanin

Our project proposes to address this community need through by (a) developing an applied non-profit internship course at ASU to develop students as empowered role models and community youth sport coaches, (b) collaborating with local youth nonprofits and schools to create new sport access sites for girls, and (c) creating an empirically-based and culturally adapted volunteer coach training course.

Seed Grant Awardee: Hyunglae Lee

We have successfully characterized foot-ankle mechanics during various postural balance and walking tasks and constructed simple yet competent biomechanics-based models. Building upon these, we aim to design and control a soft active ankle brace that is capable of adaptively changing its mechanical properties, in particular, stiffness at the ankle joint, in a task-dependent manner.

Seed Grant Awardee: Floris Wardenaar

This study focuses on how athletes can prepare for exercise in high temperatures by following a short term heat acclimation program as well as how athletes can cool their bodies in the same climate.

Seed Grant Awardee: Ty Tang

This study aims to investigate how virtual embodiment of both animal and human avatars may affect performance, attention, and confidence in physical transfer tasks.

Seed Grant Awardee: Allison Ross

For almost three decades, athletes, coaches, and researchers have been interested in ‘flow’ as an explanation of optimal performance in sport. Flow, or being ‘in the zone’, is a state where the mind and body are in harmony, negative thinking and doubt is absent, and functioning is enhanced. While we have a considerable understanding of flow among athletes and within competitive sport, we know less about how sport contributes to flow among the general public.

Seed Grant Awardee: Dennita Sewell

The Fashion program in the School of Art proposes to organize a class that will result in a fashion show at the Global Sport Summit 2020. The class FSH394 Fashion and Wearable Technology was developed in the spring of 2018 by Visiting Professor, Dr. Galina Mihaleva, Associate Professor, School of Art, Nanyang Technology Institute (NTU), where she teaches Technology, Art and Fashion.

Seed Grant Awardee: Masumi Iida

The project aligns with two themes of the Global Sport Institute Seed Grant Programs, Race and Sport, and Sport and the Body, and GSI’s and ASU’s broader push for interdisciplinary research. Sports psychology by its definition examines the mind-body dualism - how mind affects the sports performance - but largely ignores how persons’ bodies are connected to their culture, gender, and class.

Seed Grant Awardee: Giac-Thao Tran

The proposed study will use sport to dissect and divest the Asian American model minority stereotype. The Asian American model minority perspective heralds Asian Americans as industrious and intellectually and academically high-achieving, yet also reinforces a caricature of Asian Americans as cold, austere, quiet “nerds.”

Global Sport Institute: Sport & The Body

This theme is integrated into our research, events, multimedia content, and more. Our purpose here is to build a deeper, broader understanding of a single topic, examining it from several perspectives and sharing our findings through a variety of avenues.