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Seed Grant Awardees

Seed Grant Awardees

Seed Grant Awardee: Angela Gonzales

Na’hongvita, the Hopi word called out to runners encouraging them “to dig deep, be fit, and use their internal strengths” embodies Hopi values and virtues of strength, resilience and commitment to culture and community. As part of the tribe’s traditional folklore, Hopi ancestors competed in mythic races...

Seed Grant Awardee: Kenan Song

The concept of personalized medication according to a person’s physiological, genetical, and biological conditions is on the research agenda of pharmaceutical science. 1. Individuals respond differently to various medical cares, and they may experience more or less benefit/risk associated with particular drugs.

Seed Grant Awardee: Connor Sheehan

In an era when Americans are more divided than ever, Americans are still united in their passion for sports. While the social (Eime, Young, Harvey, Charity, & Payne, 2013), emotional (Branscombe & Wann, 1991), physical (Haskell et al., 2007), economic, and societal (Norberg, 2018) benefits of sports are well documented, how playing sports is related to longevity remains unclear.

Seed Grant Awardee: Allison Ross

Despite the many positive outcomes associated with youth sport participation, opportunities for involvement remain plagued by inequities associated with factors such as income, race, gender, and geographic location. The comprehensive sport-centric approach (CSCA) is an innovative and unique model of learning...

Seed Grant Awardee: Hyunglae Lee

With the advancement of human movement sciences and footwear technology (e.g., sensor, actuator, and control systems), we envision the development of transformable smart shoes that will be quite common by 2036.

Seed Grant Awardee: Chong Lee

To address the childhood obesity epidemic, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) and National Institute of Health (NIH) have recommended a comprehensive, intensive behavioral intervention program that focuses on weight loss through multiple components approach.

Seed Grant Awardee: Eric Legg

Volunteers play an essential role in the production of sport from community through professional levels. Millions of volunteers perform functions include coaching, field maintenance, event management, and national leaders of sport governing bodies (Wicker, 2017).

Seed Grant Awardee: Victoria Jackson

The book blends history, personal story, and current events, and concludes with policy recommendations, looking to the future of college sports. It presents the narrative history of intercollegiate athletics policy and, more broadly, higher education policy through the local...

Seed Grant Awardee: Vera Lopez

When it comes to involvement in sports, Latina girls continue to lag behind other girls. This study examines why this is the case, and what we can do to close this gap. Phase 1 of this study involves conducting focus groups with Latina teens and interviews with coaches to better understand the barriers and facilitators associated with Latinas’ participation in school sports.