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Global Sport Institute Poll: COVID-19 & Global Sport

On behalf of the Global Sport Institute at Arizona State University, Latino Decisions implemented an international online survey of adults from April 18-27, 2020. Overall 750 respondents were interviewed for a margin of error of +/- 3.58%.

Black Bodies in Leadership: Journey of the Black Quarterback

On February 20, 2020, the Global Sport Institute at Arizona State University brought together a multi-generational panel of former and current quarterbacks to explore the history of those that have held the position, the status of black men represented in leadership today, and the best path for success going forward.

Around the World

Around the World is a live conversation series presented by Global Sport Institute at Arizona State University and Global Sport Matters. Diverse thought leaders and experts will come together virtually to give their perspective on the most relevant issues impacting sport.

Global Sport Institute: Sport & The Body

This theme is integrated into our research, events, multimedia content, and more. Our purpose here is to build a deeper, broader understanding of a single topic, examining it from several perspectives and sharing our findings through a variety of avenues.

Martha's Vineyard African American Film Festival: Race & Sport Short Documentary Competition

The Global Sport Institute at ASU partnered with the 17th Annual RSF Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival presented by Run & Shoot Filmworks for the inaugural competition in celebration of the annual theme, Race and Sport Around the Globe.

Seed Grant Awardee: Andres Martinez

This grantwould be a follow-up grant to my 2018 GSI Sport 2036 seed grant to research “The Premier League and Globalization’s Contradictions.” Both research projects will inform the publication of a trade book on this global contest between our US-centric sports and the world’s default game, and this latter grant will also help defray reporting costs for a monthly sports globalization column published in Global Sport Matters.

Seed Grant Awardee: Kaycee Glattke

The proposed study will serve as a foundation to develop future study phases to investigate the intervention’s efficacy in certain population characteristics and further develop a standardized protocol to clinically implement LI-BFR. In this proposed study, 36 subjects will be recruited from a population of Mayo Clinic patients who have been identified as those with an ACL injury that requires surgical reconstruction.

Seed Grant Awardee: Eric Legg

The purpose of this study will be to explore male adolescent athletes’ perceptions of masculinity, with a specific focus on social influences on those views (e.g. coaches, parents, peers, media). The topic of masculinity, and especially “toxic masculinity,” has been a recent focus within popular news outlets.

Seed Grant Awardee: Kevin Wilson

The purpose of this project is to conduct a deeper investigation into the experience of female students at a sports-based K-8 charter school to better understand sources of inequity and engage girls in a youth participatory action project to foster empowerment through sport.