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Field Studies: A 10-Year Snapshot of NFL Coaching Hires

The Global Sport Education and Research Lab, with the help of the Paul Robeson Center for Innovative Academic and Athletic Prowess at the University of Central Florida, sought to answer one question: What can we say about the NFL’s hiring of coaches of color?

Walking on Water, a Brief History on Black Surfers

Walking on Water: a Brief History on Black Surfers won the grand prize in the inaugural Race and Sport Around the Globe Short Documentary Competition, sponsored by the Global Sport Insitute.

Sport and The Body: Theme Launch Luncheon

The Global Sport Institute launched our 2019-2020 theme, Sport and the Body, to ASU faculty, staff, and graduate students interested in sport.

1968 to 2018: Raising a Fist to Taking a Knee

The Global Sport Institute and the Center for the Study of Race and Democracy at Arizona State University hosted an event on October 23rd, 2018 tracing a timeline of athlete activism in the U.S. with an emphasis on the iconic moment atop the Olympic podium in 1968.

Athlete Transitions

Collegiate and professional athlete transitions are not like other transitions out of other fields due to the intense level of identity and connectedness that goes with being a serious athlete and those who focus entirely on being an athlete (identity foreclosure).

Athlete Education | Working Paper

“Every athlete dies twice” is one of those long–existing, unattributed quotes with powerful meaning. Whenever the College Football Playoff has been won or NCAA March Madness is over, most of these college athletes are finished with an activity that has captured much of their lives.

Indigenous Identity and the Athletic Experience

Billy Mills shares his experience as an Indigenous athlete and how identity interacts with the industry of sports.

Global Sport Summit 2019

On March 28th-29th the Global Sport Institute @ ASU brought together individuals and organizations from a diverse set of disciplines. Conversation, ideas, and actions were discussed around the Institute’s annual theme: Race and Sport Around The Globe

Masculinity, Identity, & Moving Forward: I am Michael Sam

Michael Sam, the first openly LGBTQIA+ athlete drafted by the NFL, opens up about his story, masculinity, and defining oneself in the 21st century.