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The Global Sport Institute is where diverse disciplines converge to thoughtfully examine critical issues impacting sport. As a cross-disciplinary enterprise, the institute’s efforts are integrated throughout the entire university — from engineering to sociology, to the athletic department and beyond — rather than within a single concentration.

With an emphasis on expanding research, sharing knowledge, supporting innovation and advancing education, the institute’s mission is to use sport to create positive change throughout the world.

The Institute is supported by a combination of institutional ASU funding and a significant philanthropic gift from adidas.

Global Sport Institute at ASU

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NCAA football players protest the organization as part of the Black Lives Matter movement.

GSM Live: May 2021

  May 14, 2021
  Tempe campus

GSM Live: June 2021

  June 11, 2021
  Tempe campus

GSM Live: July 2021

  July 9, 2021
  Tempe campus

Now and Then - How Sport Has Transformed

For many, it’s been approximately a year in the life of a pandemic. We’ve seen tragedy, resilience, growing gaps of opportunity and opportunities for growth, juxtaposed in communities across the globe. The world of sport was not immune.

From a pause in play, to a push for more progressive racial justice, to unanswered questions about the long-lasting impacts of COVID-19 that still linger in the air – what do we wish we knew then, that we know now?

Read our new Global Sport Matters digital issue.

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April 21, 2021

"I think we have to give the sports world a lot of credit for the focus that's been brought on the issue."

Andre Johnson of the NFL's Houston Texans receives a pass.

April 16, 2021

When the National Football League resumes in August for its 101st campaign, there will be a lot to celebrate.

Young women gain identity, social bonds and self-confidence when they play on all-female sports teams.

April 8, 2021

Sport can be considered one of the most powerful platforms to promote strength, empowerment and inclusion.