The Global Sport Institute

The Global Sport Institute is where diverse disciplines converge to thoughtfully examine critical issues impacting sport. As a cross-disciplinary enterprise, the institute’s efforts are integrated throughout the entire university — from engineering to sociology, to the athletic department and beyond — rather than within a single concentration.

With an emphasis on expanding research, sharing knowledge, supporting innovation and advancing education, the institute’s mission is to use sport to create positive change throughout the world.

The Institute is supported by a combination of institutional ASU funding and a significant philanthropic gift from adidas.

Global Sport Institute at ASU

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GSM Live: Can Sport Save the World?

  August 13, 2021
  11:00am to 12:30pm
  Virtual Event


The Risk & Reward of Globalized Sport

Sport is increasingly a means by which nations interact, and at a higher level of interconnectedness than ever. In what ways is sport's impact being utilized as a tool for development and detriment around the world?

Our latest news

August 4, 2021

United States Olympians such as Gwen Berry and Raven Saunders are using the stage in Tokyo to speak out and demonstrate.

July 23, 2021

Global Sport Institute CEO Kenneth Shropshire joined ASU News for a conversation about the storytelling behind the Olympic Games.
Person marking with pen on male and female gender checklist

July 15, 2021

The Deseret News references Global Sport Institute data to explain how despite Americans’ desire to expand rights to LGBTQ individuals, they do not approve of undermining women’s rights in the process