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Sun Devil Athletics Venture Challenge

Sun Devil Athletics, Global Sport Institute, and J.

'Newest dark horse in the climate game?' Sport & Sustainability panel

Global Sport Institute and Global Futures Laboratory presented a panel of academic and sports industry leaders converging at the intersection of sp

GSM Live (video): Hits & Misses in Sports Leadership

On this Global Sport Matters Live Show, Global Sport Institute leadership joined sports journalists Greg Moore and Shalise Manza Young, as well as sports lawyer and former commissioner of the United Football League Michael Huyghue to discuss the triumphs and failures of a slowly diversifying sports leadership in recent years, and how the beliefs of fans will impact leagues and teams in the year to come.

Toward A Different Kind of Winning: Nurturing Black Creativity and Masculinity

Toward A Different Kind of Winning: Nurturing Black Creativity and Masculinity engaged the importance of articulating and making legible the many languages and stories that carry us through our most painful and joyful moments, our defeats and victories. It was our luck to experience one of the many fields of strength and care that emerge when Black creativity and masculinity are nurtured together, in story and language, in friendship and in being alongside, through the thick and the thin, toward something that outlasts winning.

GSM Live (video): The Journey of Women in Basketball

On this Global Sport Matters Live show, host Dr. Nicole LaVoi, Director of the Tucker Center for Girls & Women at the University of Minnesota, explored the journey of basketball’s women from different perspectives. From the front office, as coaches, players, media and beyond, panelists discussed the challenges and successes for the sport along the way, and what they see for its future.

GSM Live (video): Looking Forward - A Renaissance for American Baseball

From youth leagues to the professional ranks, baseball’s once vibrant connection to Black America has eroded. Recently, the sport has increased its efforts to rebuild that relationship. But many challenges remain, including a pay-for-play youth system that leaves too many Black children behind, a neglected talent pipeline that has lost Black athletes to other sports, and narrow, barrier-strewn pathway to Major League Baseball managerial positions for qualified candidates of Color.

GSM Live (video): Broke, Bust, Bankrupt: Avoiding Financial Loss in the Post-Sport Journey

Rising to the top of your game comes with perks: money, access, and opportunities galore. For a lot of athletes, the amount of wealth given in contracts can be great, but also overwhelming, and may even lead to financial despair when the well dries up, sometimes unexpectedly.

GSM Live (video): Can Sport Save the World?

Sport as a globalized commodity has brought unity and diplomacy throughout the world. It draws humans together from all backgrounds and cultures to compete on a world stage and is dubbed the “universal language,” because it can be shared and played anywhere and at any time.

Global Sport Institute and Zócalo Public Square Insights: How Have Women's Sports Changed Since Title IX? (Video)

Global Sport Matters Live is a virtual conversation series presented by Global Sport Institute at Arizona State University and Global Sport Matters. Diverse thought leaders and experts will come together virtually to give their perspective on the most relevant issues impacting sport.