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Field Studies: NCAA Women's Basketball Head Coach Hires at HBCUs and Power Five Schools From 1984-2020

The first NCAA women’s basketball tournament was held in the 1981-1982 season. We began our data set in 1984 when Title IX was fully in effect and subsequently led to the current growth in women’s programs. We then explored hiring trends over a thirty-six-year window between 1984 and 2020.

Field Studies: MLB Manager Hiring Criteria and Career Pathways from 2010-19

The purpose of this report was to explore and describe Major League Baseball manager hiring and firing trends over the past decade.

Career Prep and Transitions of College and Professional Athletes: Research Findings, Policy, and Practice

This paper provides a review of research findings on the career preparation and transitions of college and professional athletes.

Field Studies: NCAA Athletic Director Hiring Criteria and Career Pathways from 2010-19

Race/ethnicity and gender continue to serve as mediating factors in athletic director hires. Results provide evidence that race/ethnicity and gender do matter, but not in isolation – there is an intersection of race/ethnicity and gender that favors men over women and Whites over BIPOC athletic directors.

Field Studies: NFL Head Coach Hiring and Pathways in the Rooney Rule Era

The purpose of this report is to describe coach hiring and firing patterns and pipelines leading to head coaching and to expand our original analyses to include seasons from the start of the Rooney Rule.

Equity in Sport: Public Perceptions of Equal Pay for Women and Men Athletes

In a 2020 poll of U.S. residents’ perspectives designed and analyzed by the Global Sport Institute at Arizona State University, we asked questions about equal pay for women and men athletes.

Field Studies: A 10-Season Snapshot of NCAA Power Five Head Football Coaching Hires

The Global Sport Institute, with the help of the Paul Robeson Center for Innovative Academic and Athletic Prowess at the University of Central Florida, sought to answer one question: What can we say about hiring of head Coaches of Color by NCAA member institutions?

2020 Global Sport Research Conference

The 2020 Global Sport Research Conference (ReCon) was a virtual gathering of researchers worldwide held to listen, present and connect on current work and findings, on July 22, 2020.

Coaching: Public Perceptions of Shoving Players and Mandated Certification

Coaching is integrated into society at a personal level, as many children and their families interact with coaches of youth teams on a regular basis. It is also prominent on a larger societal and media scale because college and professional coaches are often in the news for their hiring qualifications...