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Seed Grant Awardee: Dennita Sewell

Dennita Sewell | School of Art

The Fashion program in the School of Art proposes to organize a class that will result in a fashion show at the Global Sport Summit 2020. The class FSH394 Fashion and Wearable Technology was developed in the spring of 2018 by Visiting Professor, Dr. Galina Mihaleva, Associate Professor, School of Art, Nanyang Technology Institute (NTU), where she teaches Technology, Art and Fashion. The course is an examination of the many categories of wearable technology such as wearable computing, techno fashion, electronic textiles and smart clothes. Students will research, experiment with and design wearable technology projects, from conceptual work to pragmatic solutions and applications. The course looks at how technology can be used in wearable contexts as a means to complement the functions of the human body through product design, fashion design and prototype production.

This course requires the participation of transdisciplinary specialists from fashion and engineering to guide the basic practical work of the course. Adjunct Fashion faculty would serve as the professor of record and the coordinator of this team led effort. Our proposal will include materials for the project, assistance from Abhik Chowdury from ASU’s Luminosity Lab and Troy McDaniel, Associate Director, Center for Cognitive Ubiquitous Computing. Additional funding will be requested to bring in Dr. Mihaleva from NTU for an intensive workshop the first week of March. Inspired by the kickoff luncheon panel, we would like to start the project by exposing the students to select athletes and scholars to become aware of a diversity of athlete’s real issues. To take the projects beyond exploration, we would like to invite members of the industry, a sport and fashion companies to critique the work and discuss what it would take to commercialize the ideas.

Last Updated February 2020.

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