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Global Sport Institute National Snapshot Poll: Winter 2022 - Sports Betting

Methodology: This national survey was conducted by OH Predictive Insights between Januray13th–January 19th, 2022 from a nationwide general population (18+ year old) sample. The sample size was 2,400 completed surveys, with a MoE of ±2.0%. All respondents were given the option to take the survey in English or Spanish; 30 opted to take the survey in Spanish, while 2,370 chose English. The sample demographics accurately reflectedthe target population’s age, gender, regionand ethnicity according to population statistics derived from recent US Census data for US adults. This survey was conducted via opt-in online panel. The survey included both regional and racial/ethnic oversamples, with a minimum of 300 respondents coming from each of the 6 regions defined in the survey and a minimum of 200 respondents each of Hispanic/Latinos, African Americans, and Asians.


  • Identify general perception and awareness around sports betting in the US

  • Identify the sentiment and attitudes of the general public towards sports betting and understand the cultural change, social change, and acceptanceof sports betting

  • Identify the driving forces behind the acceptance of sports betting

  • Discover overall sentiment and perceptions of sports betting among general population and sports fans/spectators

  • Discover key takeaways that explain the current environment around sports betting

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