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Global Sport Institute National Snapshot Poll: Summer 2021 - Transgender Athletes

Methodology: This national survey was commissioned by the Global Sport Institute at Arizona State University and conducted by OH Predictive Insights via opt-in online platform. This national survey was conducted by OH Predictive Insights between May 19th–May 27th, 2021 from a nationwide general population (18+ year old) sample. The sample size was 1,800 completed surveys, with an MoE of ±2.31%. All respondents were given the option to take the survey in English or Spanish. Of the 1,800 respondents in total, 16 respondents opted to take the survey in Spanish, while the remaining respondents chose to take the survey in English. The sample demographics accurately reflected the target population’s age, gender, region and ethnicity according to population statistics derived from recent US Census data for US adults. *Numbers may not total 100%, due to rounding.


  • Identify how much the general public knows about transgender people and issues facing the transgender community.

  • Discover the opinions of the public, in general, regarding transgender athletes.

  • Determine the overall consensus regarding how transgender and non-transgender athletes should interact.

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