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Seed Grant Awardee: Robert LiKamWa

Experiencing an athlete’s game through wearable immersive virtual reality camera systems

Robert LiKamWa | School of Arts Media and Engineering

Virtual reality immersion into an athlete’s viewpoint can provide rich viewing experiences for improved athletic training, sports medicine, and sports entertainment. However, current video capture solutions are too bulky to fit into slim athletic gear and capture limited viewpoints in a single direction. This project investigates streamlined mobile computing solutions for wearable capture of immersive omnidirectional video to be played back in virtual reality. Research towards deep software/hardware integration for sensor processing will enable high-quality 360 degree capture on the low-power budget of lightweight batteries. This will form the basis of immersive capture helmets to allow viewers to immersively experience athletic viewpoints.

Published Work

PDF icon Rhythmic Pixel Region Interface Systems for Efficient, Performant, and Precise Augmented Reality<br>

Last updated March 2020.

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