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Seed Grant Awardee: Hanqing Jiang

Fabric-based wearable and washable electromyography (EMG) devices

Hanqing Jiang| School for the Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy

In this project, we aim to develop fabric-based wearable and washable electromyography (EMG) devices. EMG devices have been applied to the study of muscular function and coordination in different movements and postures, in skilled actions as well as during training, such as the track and/or soccer field, as well as gymnastics. The knowledge of such muscular action in all its aspects, its evaluation, and its feedback would offer great opportunities to optimize the movement, sports materials, training possibilities and, eventually sports performance. This project aims to transform the EMG measurements from the labs to fields, providing real-time assessment to sports.

Published Work

Conductive and Elastic 3D Helical Fibers for Use in Washable and Wearable Electronics

Last updated March 2020.