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2020 Global Sport Research Conference

The 2020 Global Sport Research Conference (ReCon) was a virtual gathering of researchers worldwide held to listen, present and connect on current work and findings, on July 22, 2020.

Coaching: Public Perceptions of Shoving Players and Mandated Certification

Coaching is integrated into society at a personal level, as many children and their families interact with coaches of youth teams on a regular basis. It is also prominent on a larger societal and media scale because college and professional coaches are often in the news for their hiring qualifications...

Banned Substances in Sport: Public Perception of Performance-Enhancing Drugs and Marijuana Use by Athletes

When a beloved athlete is caught using PEDs, or “doping,” it makes headlines, spurs discussion on social media, and generates policy from sport governing bodies.

Gambling in Sport: Public Perception of Sports Betting by Athletes and Coaches

Betting on sporting events and accusations of game “fixing” go back a long time in sports history. From the “Say it ain’t so, Joe” Shoeless Joe Jackson 1919 World Series game-fixing scandal through the lifetime ban of Pete Rose from Major League Baseball...

Field Studies: A 10-Year Snapshot of NFL Coaching Hires

The Global Sport Education and Research Lab, with the help of the Paul Robeson Center for Innovative Academic and Athletic Prowess at the University of Central Florida, sought to answer one question: What can we say about the NFL’s hiring of coaches of color?

Athlete Transitions

Collegiate and professional athlete transitions are not like other transitions out of other fields due to the intense level of identity and connectedness that goes with being a serious athlete and those who focus entirely on being an athlete (identity foreclosure).

Athlete Education | Working Paper

“Every athlete dies twice” is one of those long–existing, unattributed quotes with powerful meaning. Whenever the College Football Playoff has been won or NCAA March Madness is over, most of these college athletes are finished with an activity that has captured much of their lives.

NFL Social Justice Report Card

As controversies regarding kneeling as a form of protest have receded from global headlines, little has been written about what those same athletes and organizations are doing now regarding the issues at the heart of the demonstrations. Following up on the efforts at initiating social change, the NFL has increased community outreach. We were curious about the actual impact the NFL was having in this “2.0” phase of athlete activism.