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To achieve our vision of making a positive impact on the global sport community, we must dig deeper into the critical issues affecting sport today and in the future.

To that end, scholarly research is at the core of nearly everything we do. 

As an interdisciplinary institute operating independently of any specific college within Arizona State University, we have the opportunity to support a variety of sport-focused research interests that contribute to our overall goals. We do this through our own research efforts and by providing grants to researchers in individual disciplines.

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GSI research lab

The Global Sport Research Lab is a great opportunity for undergraduate students at ASU's Barrett, The Honors College to become involved in the academic study of sport by conducting ongoing research on important, impactful sports issues. Findings will be used for large-scale GSI projects, to provide background data for our GlobalSport Matters publication, and for many other purposes as needed.

Students working in the lab will spend 5 - 10 hours per week exploring specific assignments and producing deliverables in a format determined by one of the professors leading the lab. Typically deliverables are due two weeks from the assignment date.

No research assistants are needed at this time, but please check back for future opportunities.

Annual theme

Each academic year, the Global Sport Institute will identify an annual theme that is centered on a critical issue impacting sport. This theme will be integrated into our research, events, multimedia content, and more.  Our purpose in selecting an annual theme is to build a deeper, broader understanding of a single topic, examining it from several perspectives and sharing our findings through a variety of avenues. 

2018–19: Race and Sport

2018–19: Race and Sport Around the Globe

Sport and race have historically walked hand-in-hand, both on the field and off, at all levels of competition. The goal of our Race and Sport research is to examine the role that race can and does play in sport in a variety of contexts. For example, topics could include race-based perspectives toward sports participation, the role that race may play in access to sports, fan behavior toward players of different races, underrepresentation within coaching ranks and team ownership, and teams’ uses of Native American names and images.

The Global Sport Institute is no longer accepting seed grant applications for the 2018-2019 academic year and research theme of Race and Sport Around the Globe. Please check back in the Fall for the 2019-2020 theme.

2017–18: Sport 2036

2017–18: Sport 2036

During our inaugural year, the Institute is examining the global future of sport via the research theme Sport 2036. The goal is to formulate a progressive vision for what sport could and should look like in the future. Why focus on 2036? This date will mark the beginning of the Institute’s 20th year, but more importantly, it is also the 100-year anniversary of Jesse Owens’ remarkable 1936 Summer Olympics victories in Berlin, achieved while using track spikes that were hand-crafted by adidas founder Adolf “Adi” Dassler.




Seed grants awarded

Each academic year, the Global Sport Institute awards seed funds of up to $20,000 to selected research projects. The goal of this funding is to support research in fields that impact sports, sports products, and health, where initial research activities will be used to seek additional external financial support for the proposed topic.

The 2018-2019 seed grant application period is currently open. Learn more about our grant opportunities.

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