The Global Sport Institute examines critical issues that are impacting impact sport. We do this through our own internal projects and by supporting researchers in various disciplines across ASU through our seed grant program.

Field Studies

Our GSI Field Studies examine the hiring patterns and career trajectories across various leadership positions in sport, broken down by race/ethnicity, gender, education and other factors. Past Field Studies include examinations of Major League Baseball managers, NFL head coaches, NCAA athletic directors, NCAA football coaches, and NCAA women's basketball coaches.

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Sex, Gender and Sexuality in Sport

The research theme of "Sex, Gender and Sexuality in Sport" extends into many subtopics including gender differences in injury prevention, transgender athlete participation, and the experience of being the only girl on an all-male team.

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Sport and the Body

Beyond its relation to athletic performance, the outward perception of the body itself has come under more scrutiny within a sporting context. Topics include the diversity of athletic bodies, adaptive sport, gender identity and representation within sport, body image, athlete mental health, genetic testing, and more.

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Race and Sport Around the Globe

This research examines the role that race plays in sport. Topics include race-based perspectives toward sports participation, the role that race may play in access to sports, fan behavior toward players of different races, underrepresentation within coaching ranks and team ownership, and teams’ uses of Native American names and images.

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Sport 2036

This research examined what’s ahead for sport, with a goal to formulate a progressive vision for what the future of sport could and should look like. The date 2036 will mark the beginning of the Institute’s 20th year, but more importantly, the 100-year anniversary of Jesse Owens’ remarkable 1936 Summer Olympics victories in Berlin. What other innovations lie ahead?

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