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Director Scott Brooks speaks with ABC 15 regarding Arizona's rocky history with MLK Day and the Super Bowl

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In 1983, President Ronald Reagan signed into law a national holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. But when it went to the ballot, Arizonans said they still didn't want it.

"Now you get into the global issues around sports. The threat of boycott... in terms of athletes really feeling this wasn't a game that was safe for them, this wasn't a game they could get behind if it were here in Arizona," added GSI Director Scott Brooks. Brooks, alongside ASU and OH Predictive Insights, recently conducted a national survey looking into how Americans perceive social justice issues and sports.

GSI NFL Field Studies data featured in Washington Post article How the NFL Blocks Black Coaches

"Nearly two decades after the NFL enacted the Rooney Rule, teams’ hiring and firing practices still disadvantage Black coaches at every turn — and it’s getting worse, a Post investigation found."

GSI Applied Coaching Communication course is helping fill the youth coaching shortage gap

“Students that participate in sport through high school are less likely to engage in risk behavior, they’re less likely to experiment with drugs or alcohol, they’re more likely to do better in classes and to actually finish their degrees,” said Global Sport Seed Grant Awardee Dr. Alaina Zanin.


She stated that for four weeks, students learn the ins and outs of leadership and mentorship. Students were given the tools to help shape the young minds under their tutelage. For another eight weeks, they put it into practice.

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