Research and Entrepreneurship Programs Assistant
Student Worker 63927BR

Job Description
This Research and Entrepreneurship Programs Assistant position will work within both the Research and Entrepreneurship Programs within the Global Sport Institute.

Student Recruitment Type: Student Hire Hourly, Part-Time

Salary Range: $12.42 per hour

Close Date: 17-November-2020

Essential Duties

  • Primary responsibilities will include but are not limited to the collection, organization, and verification of data, data analysis, and data visualizations; gathering information from multiple sources including the internet, polls, surveys, legal documents, and published research.
  • Writing responsibilities may include literature reviews, annotated bibliographies, research summaries, and event summaries and blogs for innovation events.
  • Other responsibilities may include organizing and coordinating support activities and functions related to the GSI research and/or entrepreneurship activities such as info sessions, workshops, boot-camps, training series, program promotion and other opportunities as they develop.

The following skills are essential to effectively complete the duties of this position:

  • Communication: assistants need to be able to understand assignments and instructions, as well as clearly speak and write in English about their findings.
  • Need to be able to assist in the promotion of E&I venture challenges, communicating with contestants and winners, and summarizing events.
  • Work Habits: work will primarily be done independently with minimal direct supervision; time management and promptness are essential.
  • Attention to Detail: Developing accurate research data takes concentration and focus to uncover the most complete, rigorously-researched, and up-to-date information.
  • Critical Thinking: assistants need to use decisive reasoning to determine the best course of action in their research. Problem solving, creativity, and innovative thinking are required.
  • Technical Skills: assistants will use computers to research their information, as well as record their findings in Word, Excel, or equivalent programs. Online platforms will be used to promote E&I competitions.

Minimum Qualifications

A significant amount of specialized training or experience is required.

Desired Qualifications

  • Candidates that are Federal Work Study Eligible (FWS), including during the summer are encouraged to apply. Contact ASU Financial Aid & Scholarship Services regarding your eligibility.
  • Ability to create and edit video.
  • Ability to produce infographics preferred.
  • SPSS Statistics skills and knowledge a plus.

More information and application here.