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Representation of Women Dominates 2019 Global Sport Summit

Written by Ashley Esquivel
April 1, 2019

Global Sport Summit 2019’s “Power Play: The Women Changing Sport” panel at the Hotel Palomar in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, featuring women from various industries. (Left to Right: Rachel Kirvan (Adidas), Neda Barrie (Bianco Group), Maacah Scott (Arizona Diamondbacks), and Sandy LaBauve (LaBauve Golf).

ASU Global Sport Institute’s 2nd annual Global Sport Summit proved to be an event that follows the 2019 societal shift in the celebration of women. The event, held at the end of March, coincidentally occurred during the annual month dedicated to Women’s History. It also hosted a vast number of women industry professionals, panelists, academics, and students.

Not only does the Institute excel in bringing women together for its signature annual summits, but women also serve as a focal point year-round as they make-up a significant part of the internal team. Three women occupy leadership roles at the Institute in the COO, Executive Editor, and Marketing roles.

Each panel of the Global Sport Summit programming featured at least one woman. Outside of regular programming, there was an additional discussion dedicated to women in the industry with the Institute’s panel, “Power Play: The Women Changing Sport.” Along with showcasing the talented women in the form of panels and discussions, the Institute strategically built-in “networking breaks,” highlighting their view on the importance and value of relationship building in the Sport industry.

In addition to women actively leading panels and guiding discussion sessions, they also were highlighted in a more intimate light. The legendary social worker and member of the Navajo people, Amanda Blackhorse, shed light on her instrumental role in Blackhorse v. Pro-Football, Inc. with the “Lawsuits Demanding Change in Sport and Society” one-on-one conversation.

Global Sport Matters’ interview with Amanda Blackhorse on her fight against Native mascots (April, 2019).












As a new team member joining the Institute in late 2018, it has truly been a joy to work with an entity that not only aligns with its yearly theme “Race in Sport,” but also goes the extra mile to communicate its values and standards in other forms of social representation. As demonstrated both through internal and external efforts, it is proven that the Global Sport Institute raises awareness and is a strong advocate for gender equality in the male-dominated industry.

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Ashley Esquivel is the Digital Marketing Assistant for the Global Sport Institute and a graduate student at Thunderbird School of Global Management.