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Field Studies: NCAA Power Five Head Coaching Hires

September 23, 2020

In 2003, the NFL passed the Rooney Rule to promote greater representation of Coaches of Color at the professional level. The same level of effort has yet to be seen among collegiate football programs. 

The Global Sport Institute, in collaboration with the Paul Robeson Center at the University of Central Florida, conducted a study of head coaching patterns in the Power Five conferences over the last 10 seasons. The main goal of the research was to distinguish hiring trends for head Coaches of Color among these institutions. 

The data revealed that White coaches have significant advantages compared to their non-White peers including longer tenure and increased chances of becoming an NFL offensive coordinator. The disparities imply the need for further research and comprehensive solutions that acknowledge the relationship between racism and employment as well as the accountability of college sports programs. 

College sport has a unique opportunity for a reset that ensures equity for all coaches, players, and administrators. It’s time to apply this data for fair hiring policies that will support Coaches of Color across the nation. 

The working data and full paper can be found on Global Sport Institute. For key highlights, visit Global Sport Matters.