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GSM Live: Can Sport Save the World?

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GSM Live will be held on Friday, August 13th at 11am (Pacific) / 2pm (Eastern) 

Sport as a globalized commodity has brought unity and diplomacy throughout the world. It draws humans together from all backgrounds and cultures to compete on a world stage and is dubbed the “universal language,” because it can be shared and played anywhere and at any time.

But along with the benefits come the costs, both literally and metaphorically. From backlash over athlete activism to corruption to increasing financial costs, the balance of weighing the the worth of globalized sport can sometimes be lopsided.

On the next GSM Live, experts discuss where sport globalization is headed and whether our interconnectedness in today’s new world is tipping the scales of sport globalization in the direction of helpful or harmful.

Event Details
Date: Friday, August 13th
Time: 11am (Pacific) / 2pm (Eastern)
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Show Guests:
Andrés Martinez | Professor of Practice in the Cronkite School at Arizona State University

Lori Okimura | Former Board Chair of USA Volleyball and LAVBC Senior Advisor

Fred Turner | Executive Director at Beyond Sport

Event Type: 
Global Sport Conversation Series
Other Global Sport Events
August 13, 2021
11:00am to 12:30pm


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