Global Sport Matters June digital issue examines stadium development and its impact on local communities

The latest Global Sport Matters digital issue, "The Return on Our Sports Investment," covers the relationship between sports stadiums and their local communities and the role these organizations play in communities.

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Sport is a dominant part of any community where it is played. The economic relationship between professional organizations and these communities has always been fundamental to understanding sport, but as the industry grows, so too does the sway sport holds over cities and states.


How American Sports Facilities Can Better Serve Their Communities - Stephanie Gerretsen

Global Sport Institute Postdoctoral Research Scholar Stephanie Gerretsen writes how sport stadiums in the United States since the 20th century have become important to city centers and the economy of downtown areas. Gerretson also looks at the benefits of SHEDs (sport, hospitality, and entertainment district) and shares 5 ways these facilities can ensure their communities receive a strong benefit.  


So Your City Wants to Build a Stadium. Here’s What to Know. - JC Bradbury

While stadium negotiations can be drawn out with exaggerations and half-truths, economist and writer JC Bradbury shares what local government and businesses need to know about using public financing for a sports stadium. Bradbury also explores and answers common questions around the known benefits of building a sports stadium. 


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