In The News

July 17, 2019

"To give female athletes more leverage—and to give girls in sports more role models—a woman-led team at Adidas launched a global initiative called She Breaks Barriers. The campaign aims to provide better access to sports for women and girls, remove gender stereotypes, and create greater visibility for female athletes at all levels.

Step one: Create real, tangible change—not just #empowering ads. In January, Adidas hosted a workshop at the Global Sport Institute at Arizona State University to pinpoint barriers preventing women from getting into sports and brainstorm how to overcome them. In March the brand hosted town halls in New York and Los Angeles to address a lack of mentoring and safe transportation for girls in sports. They’ve also partnered with Girls on the Run to provide gear and sponsor 5K runs; with Starlings Volleyball to sponsor to summer volleyball camps; and with Jen Welter (the first female coach in the NFL) to create the first women’s football cleats."

July 7, 2019

By Devoney Looser

"In London, I was travelling alone, so I struggled with where to go to watch the match. I’d seen earlier rounds on television at home in Arizona, with my baseball-obsessed teenage son. He doesn’t like soccer of any variety. Inevitably, during the match, I’d find my eyes welling up with tears, and he’d ask me 'why in the world are you crying at that? Nothing is even happening!' It was hard to explain what it meant to watch these incredible athletes working together. It didn’t seem odd to him. Thinking about that moved me. This World Cup has shattered international television viewing records. I was talking about it with my colleague at Arizona State University, the history professor and top-level runner Victoria Jackson. We’re both fellows at ASU’s Global Sport Institute. (I play roller derby as Stone Cold Jane Austen, my academic specialism being Austen and the history of British women’s writings.) What gets Victoria about the women’s World Cup is 'every time the camera pans to young girls – and boys – in the stands'."

June 28, 2019

"International players swept the major NBA awards earlier this week. Nigerian-Greek forward Giannis Antetokounmpo took home MVP honors, Serbian Luka Dončić was named Rookie of the Year, Frenchman Rudy Gobert repeated as Defensive Player of the Year and Cameroonian Pascal Siakam was named Most Improved Player. Arizona State University Global Sport Institute CEO Kenneth Shropshire says this is a turning point for the league."