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Faculty Cross Talk: Well-being and Sport

Global Sport Institute invites the ASU community to explore topics around our 2019 -2020 academic theme, Sport and the Body, at our February cross talk, co-hosted with the Nutrition, Obesity, Exercise, and Lifestyle swarm from the Arizona Wellbeing Commons.
Allison Ross will present her current work focused on unifying and empowering girls through sport. Stavros Kavouras will talk about his extensive research on hydration and exercise performance.
ASU faculty and graduate students are invited to enjoy a complimentary lunch and participate in the faculty cross talk. Bring any and all research and/or project ideas to share with others and find collaborations with other faculty, scholars, and practitioners.

Global Sport Institute hosts faculty cross talks provide opportunities for faculty, graduate students, and other interested scholars and practitioners to meet and exchange ideas relevant to sport research and projects. The general format includes a catered lunch, speakers, Q & A, and a designated time and format for idea-exchange.

Questions? Email Kendall Jones (kendall.jones@asu.edu)

About NOEL:
The nutrition, obesity, exercise and lifestyle division encompasses partnerships across the state to improve the health and wellbeing of Arizona. We will bring ideas together to develop interventions that are multi-sector, multi-institutional and multi-level collaborations. We will pay special attention to health disparities and use innovative strategies to monitor, promote and evaluate behaviors across the lifespan. Our goal is to disseminate the work we conduct and obtain large scale grants to fund our efforts (e.g., R01, Center grants, training grants). 

About Allison Ross:

Dr. Ross studies the contribution of physical activity to individual and community health in schools and neighborhoods. With a social-ecological framework, her research investigates how individual, socio-cultural, and environmental factors affect behavior, and how they collectively impact health and well-being.

About Stavros Kavouras:

Dr. Stavros directs the Hydration Science Lab where he is studying the mechanisms by whichwater intake impact health and performance. His current researchfocuses on the effect of water intake on glucose regulation and its implication on children’s hydration and obesity.

Event Type: 
Faculty Cross Talks
Co-Sponsored Events
February 21, 2020
11:00am to 12:45pm


Downtown Phoenix campus
Health South Building, Rm. 344-48